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Verdair C9 Replacement Filter (Set of Two)

The Verdair C9 Replacement Filter is a H13 True HEPA Filter.

It contains an activated carbon filter for capturing gas and odours. It is then further filtered through the H13 True HEPA filter for capturing 99.97% of 0.3㎛ ultra-fine dust, and inhibiting bacteria.

The Verdair  C9 has not one but two HEPA filters, to allow it to provide such a powerful CADR. The replacement filter pack comes in a set of two, so one pack is able to fully replace both filters.

Looking for the Verdair C9? See the Verdair C9 Air Purifier here.

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Filter Replacement for the Verdair C9 Air Purifier.

See the Verdair C9 Air Purifier here.

Replacing your Verdair C9 Air Purifier Filter

Replacing the filter on your Verdair Air Purifier is simple.

The filter is located on both sides of the unit. So the following needs to be undertaken twice, once on each side of the unit.

At the top of the intake panel, push open the latch.

Remove the panel, then remove the pre-filter, and then finally remove the HEPA filter.

Then simply insert the Verdair C9 Replacement filter into this spot. Make sure that any packaging on the replacement filter has been removed.

Refit the pre-filter and front cover. Then repeat on the other side, and you’re done!

Weight2.1 kg
Dimensions29 × 13 × 53 cm