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What is CADR?

    An overview and explanation of CADR.

    CADR is an acronym for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It is a measure of how much clean air an air purifier can deliver. CADR ratings are important because they tell you how effective an air purifier will be at removing pollutants from the air.

    It is expressed in a number of formats, depending on your country. The most common way to express it is in cubic metres per hour (m3/h). It is also sometimes expressed as cubic feet per minute (cfm).

    CADR takes into account:

    • Size of the particles removed from the air
    • Percentage of particles removed from the air
    • Volume of air passing through unit

    Essentially the higher the CADR, the more air it can clean over the hour.

    The Envirofluid Health Verdair Air Purifiers CADR is expressed in m3/h. For the Verdair C9, this is able to deliver a massive CADR of 912m3/h. This makes the unit great for medium to large rooms, such as offices, gyms, and classrooms.

    The Verdair Air Purifier C6 and C9 range are shown below.